Holiday Survival Tips

Check out this great feature:

Winter holiday survival is all about abandoning perfectionism and celebrating coziness. Essentially, it’s embracing the Danish concept of “hygge.” Typically, as a planner with highly orchestrated children’s schedules, I try to go against the instinct with impromptu invitations to neighbors to come over for libations even though our toy-strewn house is a mess. And I embrace cuddling my kids under my great Aunt’s worn old afghan no matter how ornery they are from missed naps in holiday travel. Or I focus on meeting at the local dive bar instead of getting glitter-glammed for a party, laugh at the lopsided decorations my toddler put on the tree, or even take ridiculously bundled walks outside in the frigid cold just to breathe and feel alive. For as the Danes would say, “all you really need is shelter, sustenance, kith, and kin.”  And that remembrance of the no matter how jumbled or messy it may seem at first is actually perfection aplenty.”



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